Tactical Medics

Plano Fire-Rescue Tactical MedicsThe Tactical EMS (TEMS) team is a small, extremely specialized program within Plano Fire-Rescue that's primary mission is to provide high levels of medical treatment and support to all Plano Police Department tactical operations. The TEMS team primarily provides direct medical support for the SWAT team and Bomb Squad unit within the Plano Police Department.  

The TEMS medics are EMT-Paramedics. TEMS personnel require extensive training, including physical fitness, police tactics, tactical medicine and a great deal of discipline. TEMS medics are capable of developing medical threat assessments and risk reduction strategies, providing logistical support, coordinating operations with local fire/EMS departments, and rendering immediate medical care in hostile environments.Tacmedic Logo

The TEMS team was established in 1995 and represents the top 2% of Plano Fire-Rescue employees. Since 2015, Plano Fire-Rescue's TEMS team has been ranked high on the international and national levels. Most recently, members placed fifth overall in an International Tactical Medic Competition in North Carolina.