Trash Collection Information

Residential Trash Collection

The Environmental Waste Services division provides weekly trash collection services to all Plano residences. Please follow the criteria for trash collection.

Trash Collection Criteria

  • Place trash cart at collection point (street curb or alley) by 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day to ensure pickup.
  • Place cart at least two feet from your recycling cart or any other object that may impede the mechanical arm of the truck. (It is preferable to place trash cart on one side of your driveway and recycling cart on the opposite side.)
  • Put trash in sealed plastic bags before placing in cart. Bags placed outside cart will not be collected, except following a city-designated holiday.
  • Do not put yard trimmings, corrugated cardboard boxes, recyclables, or chemicals in trash cart - a separate collection is provided for these items.
  • Do not place hot ashes in trash cart. Place ashes in a sealed bag, set bag outside to cool. Once ashes are cool, place the bag in trash cart for disposal.

Damaged or Additional Carts

If you have a damaged cart or need an additional cart, contact Customer Service at 972-769-4150 or email.