Green School Program

The Green School Certification Program honors and rewards both Plano private and PISD K-12 schools for efforts towards environmental stewardship. It empowers school communities and fosters pride while teaching and modeling respect for our environment and natural resources. 

Participating schools have the opportunity to achieve either Green School Certification or Green Star School Certification (1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star, 4 Star, 5 Star) based on their sustainability efforts.


  • Assistance in implementing a successful structured recycling program and implementing additional environmental initiatives.
  • Recognition for environmental efforts.
  • Awarded schools will be invited to our Green School Awards Ceremony and receive a certificate, window cling and banner to show off their achievements.
  • Awarded schools will be eligible for cash awards.
Green Schools Program Logo

How to Apply

Enrollment for the 2020-21 school year begins in August. Contact us at if you have any questions about the program.

These are the steps you will take as you apply for and walk through the program:

  1. Submit completed enrollment form to
  2. Schedule a meeting with City of Plano to go over the checklist, or attend a webinar or in-person training.
  3. City of Plano staff and PISD facilities staff will schedule and conduct an initial, full campus waste audit with the Green Team Leader.
  4. City of Plano will schedule custodian training.
  5. Complete the Green Team Leader Training Checklist.
  6. Make a plan to achieve Green School Certification or Green Star School Certification.
  7. Begin implementing initiatives.
  8. Submit short bi-monthly questionnaires to City of Plano Staff.
  9. Pass two (2) unscheduled audits by City of Plano Staff.
           - A successful audit will show proper use of bins, black and clear bags per custodial guidelines, and recycling dumpsters will not exceed 25% contamination by trash
             (non-recyclables) upon visual inspection. In addition, trash dumpsters will show no more than 25% recyclable material upon visual inspection.
  10. Submit completed checklist.


Award Winners

Green School Program 2019-2020 Awardees

Elementary Schools

Andrews Elementary
Barron Elementary
Bethany Elementary
Boggess Elementary

Brinker Elementary
Centennial Elementary
Davis Elementary ★★

Forman Elementary ★★
Gulledge Elementary ★
Harrington Elementary ★

Haun Elementary ★★★
Hedgcoxe Elementary ★★★

Hughston Elementary ★★★
Mathews Elementary ★★ 
Meadows Elementary ★
Memorial Elementary ★★
Skaggs Elementary
Stinson Elementary ★★ 
Wyatt Elementary ★★ 

Middle Schools

Carpenter Middle
Frankford Middle
Murphy Middle
Renner Middle ★★
Rice Middle ★★★★
Robinson Middle
Schimelpfenig Middle ★★★★

High Schools

Clark High ★★
Jasper High

John Paul II High School ★★★
Plano ISD Academy High

Senior High Schools

Plano East Senior High
Plano Senior High
Plano West Senior High ★★★