Community Housing Development Organization (CHDOs)

The City of Plano receives an annual allocation of HOME Program funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to create housing for low-to-moderate income (LMI) households. The HOME Program regulations (24 CFR Part 92) require that a minimum of fifteen percent (15%) of the total HOME grant be allocated to certified CHDOs activing as an owner, developer, or sponsor of a HOME-eligible project. The goals of this HOME requirement is not only to promote partnerships among federal, states, local government and non-profit organizations; but also, to expands a non-profit organization’s capacity to develop and manage decent and affordable housing.

Become A City of Plano's certified CHDOs

An organization interested in certification or re-certification as a CHDO must submit the application form and provide required documents as listed in the application.  CHDO applications are accepted rear-round.  However, the recertification is required each time the City commits HOME funds to a CHDO project.

Funding Consideration

The City uses an annual, consolidated grant process for funding considerations of these funds.  Applications for the annual consolidated grant process are generally posted on the City's website toward the end of December or beginning of January.  Please visit the consolidated grant process here: (city's grant process section)

Please note that being a certified CHDO does not guarantee funding and does not obligate the City to approve projects proposed by the CHDO. 

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