Hotel/Motel Registration & Inspection Program

On September 23, 2019, the Plano City Council adopted Ordinance No. 2019-9-17 of the City of Plano Code of Ordinances, Chapter 6, Buildings and Building Regulations, Article III, Property Maintenance Code, Division 4, Registration and Inspection of Hotel / Motel Properties (copy found below).

The purpose of the ordinance is to establish a systematic process to begin registration and inspection of hotels and motels within the City to ensure minimum housing and property maintenance standards are met; thereby further promoting the protection of life, health and safety, and continued improvement in the quality of lodging in Plano.

Key points of ordinance:

All Hotels / Motels with (4) four or more rooms and are (5) five years old or older must register with the City of Plano on or before April 30th each year.

All registration applications shall include the names of property owner(s), designated employees or authorized representatives, addresses, telephone numbers, and include any emergency contacts.

An $8.00 per Hotel / Motel room fee must be submitted with the annual registration form each year, unless the Hotel / Motel earned or holds a valid inspection waiver, earned during a previous inspection year. Hotels / Motels that have a valid inspection waiver shall submit an annual fee of $250.00.

There is no charge for the initial inspection and first re-inspection. There is a $250.00 charge for a required second re-inspection of a room or public area and a $500.00 charge for a required third or subsequent re-inspection of room or public area.

The following forms are for Hotel and Motel property managers and owners:


Q: When is the registration fee due?
A: Annual registration fees are due no later than April 30th of each year.

Q: How much is the annual rental registration fee?
A: The annual registration fee is $8 per room or properties with a valid inspection exemption will only pay a $250 registration fee.

Q: Is the owner or operator required to perform their own interior inspections?
A: Yes, they are required to inspect the interior annually and maintain documentation of the self-inspection.

Q: Is the owner or operator required to perform their own exterior inspection?
A: Yes, property management should frequently inspect the exterior so corrections are made in a timely manner.

Q: How many rooms are inspected?
A: Generally 10% of the total rooms, but a comparative sample up to 100% of the interiors may be inspected.

Q: Does management or the inspector pick the rooms?
A: Rooms are chosen by the inspector.

Q: Does someone from management need to accompany the inspector?
A: Yes, the inspector needs to be accompanied by a representative from the property when conducting the interior inspections.

For additional questions please contact the Property Standards Division at 972-208-8150.