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Outreach & Education Programs

Plano Fire-Rescue strives to keep our citizens informed and aware of important fire and life safety messages and the latest information.  These past several months we have had to limit our in-person programs and presentations in order to keep both our personnel and our public safe.Beginning October 1, Plano Fire-Rescue will take requests for modified in-person school presentations to small groups. We ask that you read and are aware of the following:
  • Programs must be scheduled by calling 972-941-7497. No programs will be scheduled via email or online.
  • Programs must take place outside.
  • All students and staff must remain at least 10 feet from the fire apparatus and the firefighters at all times.
  • Programs will be limited to 20 minutes max.
  • Students and staff will not be allowed to approach the firefighters or enter the fire apparatus.

Call our office at 972-941-7497 to request a program delivery.

Plano Fire-Rescue places great importance on providing fire safety education and information to our residents in order to help protect and enhance their quality of life. These efforts are coordinated by the Community Outreach and Education Office and include:

  • Firefighter School Visits - Firefighters bring their fire engine/truck and teach a variety of topics based on the participants’ ages. Topics could include: recognizing firefighters as helpers; home escape and exit drills; stop, drop and roll; how to call for help (9-1-1); always wear seat belts and helmets; fall and water safety.    
  • Fire Station Tours - Tours may be scheduled for any of Plano’s 13 fire stations. Tours are recommended for children 3 years of age and older, and groups of 20 or less.  A single family visiting a fire station does not need to schedule a tour, however consideration should be given to not go around meal times.  
  • Scout Programs - A variety of merit badges might ask for a subject matter expert to provide instruction. Plano Fire-Rescue personnel may be able to help with this.  Plano Fire Rescue installing smoke alarm
  • Home Safety Checks - A firefighter will visit your home to help identify potential hazards and stress the importance of fire safety practices. 
  • Smoke Alarm Assistance - Assistance with your smoke alarm(s) may be available. Visit our Smoke Alarm Assistance page for detailed information. 
  • Stop The Bleed Training - A course including a formal presentation and hands-on practice of direct pressure application, wound packing, and use of a tourniquet. The course was developed for a non-medical audience to address the needs of the immediate responder to control life-threatening bleeding until help arrives.
  • Hands Only CPR / AED Training - Hands-Only CPR is CPR without firefighter teaches hands only cprmouth-to-mouth breaths and participation in the class does not provide a CPR certification.  AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training provides instruction on how to use an AED.
  • Fire Extinguisher Training and Demonstration - This class includes discussion of the different types of fire and the correct extinguisher to use for each. Also included are the determining factors to know when deciding whether to fight the fire and the correct procedure to follow when doing so. Participants are provided an opportunity to use a fire extinguisher on a controlled fire.
  • Fire Safety in the Workplace - Employees and employers are instructed to be proactive in fire safety planning in this class offered to area businesses. Firefighters stress the importance of making fire safety each employee’s responsibility.
  • High School Fire Safety - This class offers secondary students an insight into the dynamics of fire, the most common causes of fire and reviews basic fire safety behaviors. Also covered is how and when to use a fire extinguisher and how an emergency situation should be handled.
  • Fire-Rescue at Community EventFire-Rescue Presence at Neighborhood or Special Events - Plano Fire-Rescue may be able to be a guest at your event, whether it’s an on-duty crew with their engine or truck or our staff with a Fire and Life Safety table. 
  • Kitchen Safety - This program is offered for middle and high school independent living classes and covers the causes of kitchen fires, how kitchen fires can be prevented, and how to extinguish a kitchen fire. Minor burn treatment is also discussed.
  • Senior Fire Safety and Falls Prevention - Using the National Fire Protection Association’s curriculum, "Remembering When", firefighters instruct older adults on the increased risk of fire in their homes. Participants are encouraged to take control of fire prevention and to practice basic fire safety in their homes. Instruction is included in how to prevent falls.
  • Fire Safety Literature - Brochures, pamphlets and booklets on a wide range of fire safety subjects are available from the Community Outreach and Education Office.

*Please keep in mind that on-duty crews remain in service when performing programs or during visits.  
Have questions regarding these programs? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call us at 972-941-7497.