COVID-19 Cases

Number of Collin County cases: 343
Number of Plano cases: 112 (1 deceased, with complications from an underlying health condition)

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graphic with case number updates for Collin County and Plano

Update on Plano COVID-19 Cases

Collin County Health Services (CCHS) reports 37 new COVID-19 cases in Collin County, including 8 in Plano. The total number of positive cases in Collin County is 343, including 112 in Plano. The County has 210 active cases, including 64 in Plano. 1042 people in Collin County tested negative for the virus.

View the Collin County COVID-19 dashboard. Dashboard metrics include trend lines and a zip code map.

Plano COVID-19 cases on a zip code map

chart listing covid-19 cases in Plano and Collin County

list of test information in Plano


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*updated 4-8-2020