There is a City of Plano COVID-19 Hotline available at 972-941-5922. The hotline is staffed Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Voicemails left after hours will be responded to the next day.



Where can I find information from Plano ISD about COVID-19? 
Please check the Plano ISD website health update.

Health & Safety

What if I think I’m sick?
People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness. An updated symptom list can be found at the CDC’s symptoms webpage. Please call your provider before arriving to the provider’s office or emergency department to limit the potential spread of any infection.

Can I get exposed/sick a second time? 
The virus is so new, that the answer to this question has not yet been scientifically established/validated.

What is community spread?
Community spread refers to people who have been infected with the virus in a specific geographic area, including some who are not sure how or where they became infected.

What does “transferred” mean in the case reports?
A “transferred” case was originally reported in Collin County, but then transferred to another county corresponding to the city of residence.

Do numbers have any relationship to hospital locations?
The number of COVID cases in specific zip codes is based upon the home address of the individual testing positive. Proximity of hospitals or medical clinics within a specific zip code has no bearing on the number of positive cases reported.

How does someone in an apartment self-quarantine and are other community residents notified if someone is COVID-19 positive?
Self-quarantines in apartments are no different than if people are self-quarantined in a house. HIPAA restricts health departments from releasing certain information about people who test positive for COVID-19.

Where can I find answers to common health questions about COVID-19?

  • The Texas DSHS site FAQs includes answers to questions about:
  • How to Avoid Getting Sick
  • Pregnant Women & Children
  • How to Avoid Infecting Others
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting
  • High-Risk Populations
  • Pets & Livestock
  • What to Do If You or a Loved One Is Sick
  • Travel
  • Caring for Yourself or Someone Else at Home
  • Other Questions about Safety

I’d like more information on positive cases, including where they live or work.
County (Collin and Denton) Health departments identify and contact individuals who may have been exposed. Any individuals identified as having been exposed will be contacted directly by the County. No further personal information will be released to protect patient confidentiality. The County will monitor and investigate COVID-19.

For more information:

What is social distancing?
Social distancing aims to prevent sick people from coming in close contact with healthy people in order to reduce opportunities for COVID-19 transmission. Avoid mass gatherings and maintain a distance of approximately 6 feet from others.

Municipal Operations

How can I participate in City Council meetings? 
Upcoming Plano City Council meetings will be by videoconference. The Council Meeting regular session begins at 7 p.m. It is preceded at 5 p.m. by the Executive Session, which is followed by the Preliminary Open Meeting.

How to Speak at the Council Meeting via Videoconference 

To speak at the Council meeting, you will need to register by 5 p.m. at the URL location provided on the first page of the Council agenda. The Council agenda may be found at the following link:

Comments will be received via broadcast by webinar. Please register ONLY if you wish to address the Council. Emails may also be submitted to by 5 p.m. the day of the meeting. Comments regarding Planning & Zoning agenda items should be sent electronically by 5 p.m. to

iew the City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission meetings live on:

What if I need to pay my water bill in person? 
The front counter is currently closed for payments.

Cash can be dropped at the drop box on the side of City Hall. No change will be given; any leftover amount will be applied as a credit on the account. Call 972-941-7105 when making payment at the drop-box during business hours if you need a receipt.

There may be a wait time when they call due to call volume. Other payment options are still available online and via the call center.

Will my water be shut off?
In an effort to provide support and relief during this Public Health Emergency Declaration, we have suspended water utility disconnections and late fees. We understand the difficulty in meeting due dates and the financial hardship you’ve encountered. However, we encourage all residents and businesses to pay whatever amount possible to avoid a high outstanding balance when business resumes as normal. Payment arrangements will be offered in the near future and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please contact Customer and Utility Services at 972-941-7105.

What about my trash and recycling collection?
Regular every-other-week recycling collection and weekly trash collection continue, along with bulky waste collection. We have implemented safe distancing procedures to protect the health of our collection crews.

Can I get an additional recycling cart?
With more people staying home because of COVID-19, we are receiving lots of requests for additional recycling carts. While we appreciate your effort in recycling, our inventory is limited and we are not able to provide additional carts during this event. Free up space in your cart by putting large pieces of flat cardboard with your yard trimmings collection. Additional messaging if needed: Limited inventory is used only for replacement of damaged carts and new home placements.

Can residents still take items to the Custer Transfer Station or the landfill in Melissa?
Yes. Both the landfill in Melissa and Custer Transfer Station remain open. All current guidelines regarding use of these facilities remains in effect. Please review before taking a load for disposal: Acceptable Waste Policy 2020 (PDF)

What about electronics recycling?
We are continuing to offer Electronic Recycling Events. However, during our current health crisis, please follow these rules when you bring items to Electronics Recycling sites.

  • Stay in your vehicle.
  • 1 car at a time will be unloaded, so please wait in line patiently

Program details:

Can I still purchase Texas Pure Products?
Yes, you can still purchase products at our Custer Road retail store and Melissa site.

Are you still issuing property code violations?
During the current Public Health Emergency Declaration, the Property Standards Division is focusing our efforts on public health and life safety violations. While this is our main focus, we will continue to provide excellent customer service to our residents and businesses by monitoring our community for nuisance violations and responding to citizen complaints for property maintenance concerns. We are also monitoring businesses that are affected by the Governor’s and City’s orders for compliance.

It is during these trying times that members of our community must rely on each other more than ever. If you receive a notice of violation on your property, you will be advised what the concern is and receive instructions on how to remedy it, along with a timeline for compliance. Should you need assistance due to the COVID-19 virus or the Emergency Declaration, please contact the Neighborhood Services department at 972-208-8150.

Can I hold a garage sale / estate sale?
Yes. Details and permit requirements:

Plano Animal Services

Is the Animal Shelter open? Hours changed?
Effective May 4, staff will be available during normal business hours (9-6 Mon-Fri, 10-4 Sat-Sun) and in most cases an appointment is no longer necessary. We are asking all visitors to please be prepared to wait during peak hours as we will be limiting the number of guests that can be in the shelter at any given time. We highly recommend that all visitors wear a mask or face covering for their and our staff’s health and safety. Adoptable pets can be viewed on our Petfinder page. If you need to register your pet, please do so online at Owned pets will be accepted for surrender by appointment only. Owners wishing to surrender pets can call (972) 769-4360 to speak with an Officer about surrendering a pet. Please call (972) 769-4360 with any questions about adoptable pets or other services. Telephones will be answered during normal business hours, but during high volume periods, callers may reach a voicemail system. Please leave a message, and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

What about lost pets?
Owners who lose a pet can submit a lost pet report and view tips on finding their animal on our website. There is a map on this page that lists most of the stray animals we are currently holding in the shelter but they need to visit the shelter to check in person as well. We highly recommend that all visitors wear a mask or face covering for their and our staff’s health and safety. Effective May 4, the shelter will be open during regular hours (Mon-Fri 9-6, Sat-Sun 10-4) but please be prepared to wait during peak hours as we will be limiting the number of guests that can be in the shelter at any given time. If the owner lives close to the borders of another city, they also need to contact those cities to determine if their pet is there.

Are stray animals to be brought to the shelter? Or will staff in the field come pick them up?
People who find at-large pets can submit a found pet report on our website. Found pets will be accepted during regular hours (Effective May 4: Mon-Fri 9-6, Sat-Sun 10-4) but please be prepared to wait during peak hours as we will be limiting the number of guests that can be in the shelter at any given time. We highly recommend that all visitors wear a mask or face covering for their and our staff’s health and safety. Citizens who wish to trap animals may only do so if the targeted animal is in an occupied building.

Are Animal Services Officers on duty?
Animal Services Officers (ASOs) will be on duty during normal business hours for field operations, with some exceptions depending on the nature of the call. ASOs will be available 24-hours a day for emergency calls.

Is there a need for animal services to temporarily foster pets in citizens’ homes? Do you need food for the animals or emergency foster homes? 
Donations are always needed to ensure our pets get the highest quality of care possible. Monetary donations can be made on our website. Donations of supplies can be delivered to the animal shelter at 4028 W. Plano Parkway, Plano, TX 75093. Donations can be left outside the front door, and we will bring into the building as soon as possible. For additional information, please call (972) 769-4360. Telephones will be answered during normal business hours, but during high volume periods, callers may reach a voicemail system. Please leave a message, and your call will be returned as soon as possible. All in-shelter volunteer and community service activity is suspended.

How can I protect my pet?
The Texas Veterinarian Medical Association put out information on COVID-19 related to your pets. The best way to protect your pet is also the best way to protect humans: Wash your hands! Details and tips from TVMA

Plano Parks & Recreation

View the full Parks & Recreation COVID-19 FAQs (PDF)

Plano Police Department

How do I access citizen services from the Plano Police Department?
Please file reports online at the Online Police Reporting webpage and obtain crash reports at the Crash Reports webpage. If you are not able to file your report online, you can call 972-424-5678 (our non-emergency number) and file a report over the phone. As always, if you need immediate police assistance, please call 9-1-1 and officers will respond.

Are regular patrols going through neighborhoods to ensure gatherings aren’t happening?

What will happen if I’m pulled over and have an expired driver’s license?
Because the Department of Public Safety (DPS) offices are closed right now, the Governor has suspended the expiration of driver’s license for those whose license expired March 13, 2020 or later. They will have until 60 days after normal business resumes at DPS to renew their license. They can download this letter from DPS (PDF) to carry during the disaster declaration.

They should also be encouraged to determine if they are eligible to renew their license online. Because of the Governor’s suspension of the expiration, is not a violation if the expiration occurred during the declaration.

Additionally, the Department of Motor Vehicles remains closed and the suspension of registration and transfer of title requirements remains in effect until 60 days after the end of the disaster declaration.

Plano Public Library

Visit the Library COVID-19 FAQs (PDF) for detailed information.

Travel & Transportation

Should I cancel my trip?

State of Texas Travel Restrictions 
Governor Abbott rescinded his executive order on drivers coming to Texas from the City of New Orleans or Louisiana, effective May 1. Details: Governor’s EA-20 
Governor Abbott terminated his executive order on air travel restrictions coming to Texas, effective May 12. Details: Governor’s EA-24

What are DART’s guidelines?
Refer to the DART safety-related protocol.


Do you have concerns or questions about our water supply? 
Find information about COVID-19 and our water supply from our water provider, the North Texas Municipal Water District.

Are there water-related considerations for reopening facilities?
Please see advisories from the North Texas Municipal Water District on reopening facilities: