Seminars & Presentations

Available Training

The PPD's Crime Prevention Unit personnel respond to citizen requests for programs and events. These requests may involve a formal presentation or simply speaking to a club, group, or during a community event.

The Plano Police Department Crime Prevention Unit offers the following seminars and presentations at NO COST to the public:

Active Shooter Training. During this training presentation, attendees will learn to recognize an active shooter event, prepare them both mentally and physically to deal with the situation, and how to survive an actual event.

Cafeteria Cops. Throughout the school year, the Crime Prevention Unit officers visit two elementary schools each month in order to serve lunch to all students from grade levels kindergarten through fifth. The program's goal is to provide kids with a positive attitude and outlook towards law enforcement while sharing a fun moment during their lunchtime.

Identity Theft/ Fraud and Scams. This presentation will teach attendees of all ages how to defend themselves and not fall prey to the predators looking to take advantage. Discussion topics will provide attendees with information on how to keep your personal information safe. 

Internet Safety. The Internet can be a scary and often dangerous place. This presentation will open your eyes and show you some of the dangers that come with Internet access and social media. There are two different presentations available. One for Parents/adults and one for teens. Both courses discuss the responsibility to have a safe presence online. 

Positive Encounters. This program is designed to build the relationship between the special needs community and the police through conversation, education, and practical exercise. This course is dedicated to students between the ages of 15 and 24 who have special needs and will be or are currently operating a motor vehicle. Parents and guardians are welcome to join the conversation with their students as we learn and grow in understanding and respect. 

Personal Safety. This course is the best way that the Plano Police Department can help you protect yourself. By being aware of your surrounding and not becoming a victim we can help you feel safer in your day to day lives. This program can be geared for any specific age group you wish. 

Property Safety. We can’t make your home burglary proof, but we can help you harden the target.  This presentation will give you different ways you can protect your home and help reduce the opportunity from criminals to target your property.

Protecting Children. Learn how you can best protect children, the safety rules that children must know and the ABC’s of protecting children.

For more information about having a Crime Prevention Officer speak at your next group meeting or event, contact the Crime Prevention Unit or (972) 941-2431.