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Teen Court's Becky Rubenstein Named Supervisor of the Year

Becky Rubenstein

Associate Judge Paul McNulty presented the VIP Supervisor of the Year award to Becky Rubenstein at the municipal court's volunteer recognition event. Becky has worked as the Juvenile Court Manager for more than 12 years and works with teen volunteers in the municipal court. The Teen Court program has grown through Becky's continuous efforts and her recruitment of top notch volunteers. She has a passion for bringing the best teenagers into the Teen Court program, to watch them develop presentation skills, the ability to think on their feet, and confidence in their own abilities.

“Through the dozen years that I have worked with Becky, I have seen her demonstrate an amazing rapport with teenagers of all backgrounds," said Chief Administrative Judge Don Stevenson. "She communicates with each young man or woman as an individual and senses whether cajoling, additional instruction, praise, or critique will motivate them to do their best in the courtroom."

Each year, Becky organizes a recognition dinner for the teens where both they and their parents can be honored for being outstanding citizens. Becky often supports the teen volunteers by writing letters of recommendation for their college applications.

Quotes from Teen Court Volunteers

"It has been an absolute blast and an experience I won't ever forget. The entire court system is incredibly interesting, and I think that the opportunity will continually help me as I go through college and adulthood." -- Elisabeth Pochyla

"Teen Court has been an unparalleled experience. I've learned so much about courtroom procedure and the opportunity has been such a unique way of contributing to my community. I've been able to improve my speaking skills and overall confidence." --Shivan Chokshi

"Thank you, Ms. Rubenstein, for everything you do--being a great mentor, motivator, and friend. And thank you for letting me be a part of the teen court family!

--Joel Thomas

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