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Guide for Suppliers

General Terms and Conditions

Electronic Vendor Database

The City of Plano utilizes an electronic vendor database for notification of bid / quote opportunities exceeding $3,000. The system officially used by the City is IonWave.

Vendor Registration

Vendor registration and utilization of the system is at no cost to vendors for any City of Plano bid / quote. The City has elected to fund an annual lease fee to IonWave, and therefore eliminate all vendor fees on standard, one-time bids and quotes. In other words, it is free to you, the vendor.

Current Bids

Awarded Bids

Awarded bids can be viewed by clicking any past online agenda link.

Closed Bids

Past listings and tabulations can be viewed here.

HUB Registration

Visit the State Comptroller website for information on registering as a historically underutilized business.

Conflict of Interest information

Effective January 1, 2006, Section 1763 of the Local Government Code requires certain local government officers to file this form. A “local government officer” is defined as a member of a governing body of a local government entity or a director, superintendent, administrator, president, or other person designated as the executive officer of the local government entity. This form is required to be filed with the records administrator of the local governmental entity not later than 5 p.m. on the seventh business day after the date on which the officer becomes aware of the facts that require the filing of this statement.

For additionalConflict of Interest Information