CARE Program


Plano’s CARE (CAll REassurance) program helps ensure the well being of home bound and/or elderly Plano residents through a daily phone call. Offered by the Plano Public Safety Communications department, the CARE system helps give senior citizens, disabled citizens, or anyone with a short or long-term illness a greater feeling of freedom and security.

How it Works

CARE calls can be customized to fit almost any lifestyle. Plano residents simply schedule the day and time they wish to receive their CARE call. Once scheduled, a computer initiates the phone call. After residents answer the phone, a prerecorded voice announces “This is the daily CARE call.” If all is fine, individuals are instructed to press a specific number on the phone’s touch pad - no further action is necessary. If the call remains unanswered or a different number on the phone’s touch pad is pressed, the system contacts a friend, relative, or neighbor. If the contact person is unaware of the resident’s welfare, the police immediately sent to check on the resident. 

Additional Information

If you are interested, or know someone who would be interested, in the CARE Program, please contact Plano Public Safety Communications at 972-941-7900 or email PSC for more information.