Commercial Waste & Recycling

Established in 1999, the Commercial Recycling Division has helped hundreds of Plano businesses conserve resources. As Plano continues to pursue environmental excellence, the role played by the commercial sector becomes even more vital and essential. 

With the commitment of local businesses, Commercial Recycling has increased the city’s diversion rate from 5% in 1999 to over 38% in 2014. With a city-wide diversion goal of 40%, 2015 will bring us closer to achieving this goal through a number of successful recycling programs:   

  • Construction & Demolition Recycling - This recycling program offers project superintendents and site managers an incentive for recycling construction debris such as concrete, wood and metal on new construction, alteration, remodeling and demolition projects. In fiscal year ending 2014, this program helped divert over 59,000 tons from local landfills and resulted in sizable cost savings in debris disposal for program participants. 
  • Organic Recycling - Focused on capturing organic materials, ranging from food scraps, meats, fish, bones, produce and floral from restaurants, grocery stores and corporate cafeterias,  this material is collected and transported to the City’s composting facility where it is used to make Texas Pure compost.  This program represents full-circle recycling—taking organic material from the earth and returning it back as a nutrient-rich soil amendment.
  • Single-Stream Recycling - A  majority of Plano businesses can realize waste disposal  savings by recycling paper, plastic containers #1 - #7, glass containers, newspapers, magazines and catalogs as well as aluminum, steel and tin containers.   This program mirrors the recycling program for Plano residents, allowing the collection of all acceptable materials in a single container—hence the name, single-stream recycling.

Your commercial recycling coordinators represent over 25 years of collective recycling industry experience. They look forward to assisting you with waste minimization through conducting waste-stream audits, providing recycling training, assisting in preparation for Green Business Certification and offering environmental resources. These value-added services are provided to Plano businesses at no cost.

Green Business Seminars
In addition to recycling programs, the Commercial Recycling Division hosts a number of Green Business Seminars throughout the year. These seminars provide a great opportunity to learn how your business can reduce its carbon footprint as well as network with others.   

More Information

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To learn more about these offerings and begin your journey towards environmental excellence, please contact Rita Keys at 972-769-4393 or by email.