Home Security Assessment

Slowing Down Criminals

The Plano Police Department Crime Prevention Unit offers a free service called a Home Security Assessment. The assessment focuses on how a potential burglar, prowler, ex-spouse, etc. may gain unlawful entry into someone’s house and how to slow down that process. While the assessment is intended to make it more difficult, more time consuming and noisier to gain entry, it is in no way construed as to make anyone’s house “burglar proof."

The assessment usually takes about one and a half to two hours to do. Some of the areas covered include interior / exterior lighting, landscaping, fencing, doors, windows and window coverings, alarm systems, 911, garage burglaries, and so forth. All adult family members are encouraged to attend. This is one of the more popular programs the Crime Prevention Unit offers.

For more information, call the Crime Prevention Unit at 972-941-2431.