Stormwater Regulatory Information 

City of Plano Stormwater Permit

On July 20, 2007 the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) issued the City of Plano a TPDES Storm Water Discharge Permit for its municipal separate storm sewer system or “MS4." The following are some of the major elements of the city’s TCEQ permit:

  • Structural Controls / Collection System Operation (operation and maintenance)
  • Areas of New Development/Redevelopment (minimize pollutants)
  • Roadways (minimize de-icing pollutants, street sweeping)
  • Flood Control Projects (assess water quality improvements/retrofitting)
  • Pesticide, Herbicide and Fertilizer Application (educate staff / contractors)
  • Illicit Discharges and Improper Disposal (enforcement, floatables, prevention)
  • Spill Prevention and Response (prevent, contain, and respond)
  • Industrial and High Risk Runoff (inspections and monitoring)
  • Construction Site Runoff (training, inspections, enforcement)
  • Public Education and Employee Training (promote pollution prevention and awareness, educate city employees)
  • Monitoring Program (dry / wet weather screening, regional monitoring plan)
  • Annual Report to EPA/TCEQ

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