On-Street Bicycling

Why On-Street Bicycling?

Because there is a lack of contiguous park land for trails, the option for a much larger network of trails that interconnect with surrounding cities and facilities is limited.


The solution to expanding the bicycle transportation network beyond the multi-use trail system is the designation of on-street bicycle routes. A combination of on-street routes and multi-use recreational trails can help complete a bicycle trip to work, to transit, for errands, or for recreation.


View a map of the on-street bicycling routes.


As the city street network has been planned and developed, the on-street bicycle transportation network has followed closely behind. Bicycle transportation plans were approved as a part of city comprehensive plans in 1985, 1993, and 2001. Funding for the development and implementation of the on-street bicycle transportation network was approved in a 2005 bond election. An engineering consultant contract was approved on May 27, 2008, to evaluate and further develop the routes and to create an implementation plan. 

Construction Completed

The engineering work was complete in 2009, and the roadway network has also been significantly completed since then with the addition of Rasor, Dominion, as well as the completion of Parkwood, and currently, Communications. This timing lends itself to the implementation of the network. The construction bid for the signage project was approved for construction on August 8, 2011. Recently, information on the project has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, on Channel 5 in December 2011 and in February 2012 and Channel 11.