Special Events & Permits


The City of Plano Ordinance requires a Special Event permit for temporary gatherings or organized activities including but not limited to, parades, bike races, marathons, walk-a-thons, fireworks displays, concerts, carnivals and other types of distance events or festivals, utilizing or impacting City owned property and that meets the following:

  • Is reasonably expected to have a hundred (100) or more attendees per day at a City facility outside of the facility’s normal, daily, and intended use.
  • Impacts City property, a City Street, or other City public right-of-way in a manner that requires dedicated City resources to maintain public safety other than as permitted under Chapter 19, Article V- Street and Thoroughfare Closures.
  • Is temporary, is reasonably expected to have a hundred (100) or more attendees per day;


  • Is inconsistent with the permanent use to which the property (public or private) may legally be used or zoned, or the occupancy levels permitted on the property; and
  • Includes one of the following: set up of temporary structures including, but not limited to, tents, stages, fence, Amusement Rides; use of sound amplification equipment such that the sound is plainly audible on private property or for fifty (50) feet or more.
Special Event Permit Application
Special Event Permit Application Information
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