Trail System

Trail Information

With 70 recreational trail miles available there are plenty of ways to see Plano! To report an issue with trail conditions, please use the Fix It Plano webpage or app.

Emergency Trail Marker System

To improve trail safety and emergency access, the City of Plano is implementing a trail marker system that will aid first responders in case of emergency. Emergency response teams will now be able to determine exactly where on a trail they need to respond and how to best access that location. Signs will be posted alongside the trail approximately every 1/3 mile with a unique location identifier to ensure that trail users are always near an emergency marker. A pilot program to test the system’s effectiveness is being implemented along Chisholm Trail. Once the pilot program is evaluated, the system will then be expanded to other Plano trails.

Chisholm Trail Emergency Trail Marker Map
Chisholm Trail Emergency Trail Marker FAQ’s

Trail Maps

Maps of each individual recreational trail are available. Choose the one you’d like to see or print:

Trail Plans

Permanent Orienteering Course

Permanent Orienteering Course at Bob Woodruff Park*
*Please visit the North Texas Orienteering Association web site for information about the course.