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Nov 29


Posted on November 29, 2017 at 9:26 AM by Regina Ryan

 Morpheus is the light of my life next to my children. We connected as soon as I saw him through the window. When the shelter worker told me he was returned and this time they wanted to place him with an experienced cat owner. I immediately thought that is me. I have had 5 other sets of cats, ever since I moved out of my parents home( dog haven). All of my other babies died of old age. The shelter person said the reason the other people brought Morpheus back was because he was a feral cat, and hissed and hid from them and wouldn't let them touch him. This broke my heart because I told the worker I definitely wanted to see him. She brought him in the room and set him on a table.I stood about 5 feet away and softly talked to him for 3 minutes while getting closer. Then when I was close enough I rubbed under his neck and behind his ear till he purred. After another couple minutes I picked him up like a baby and rubbed my chin to his neck. We are inseparable, he sleeps with me and purrs. 

IMG_20160908_152926 (2)