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Oct 20


Posted on October 20, 2016 at 10:44 AM by Regina Ryan

I adopted 2 kittens that day in July 2016 I have shared my story of Morpheus my dreamer kitty who was the feral kitten someone returned. I like for my babies to have companions. So I adopted Pandora too she was an active little tabby calico same age as Morpheus. She had not been spayed so she had to stay for a few days until the procedure could be done.Which was fine because it gave me time to acclimate Morpheus to the house and give him my full attention. Pandora thinks she's a puppy first of all she carries things around in her mouth. She jumps sideways which I have never seen before. She has taken a liking to sharpening her claws on my bathroom wallpaper.She doesn't biscuit like Morpheus yet, but her purr is soft as she sleeps on my legs at night until I have to move to get the circulation going again.She is smaller but she definitely has asserted herself as the boss in our little family. She is a night owl who bites my toes through the blanket when she wants to play. Love them both

IMG_20160908_152926 (2)