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Dec 20


Posted on December 20, 2019 at 8:21 AM by Autumn Stimpson

Me and my wife came in to Plano Animal Shelter to just see if there were any dogs we were interested in before we went to another one. We saw multiple dogs we liked at the other shelter but decided to stop at Plano before the other shelter opened. While in Plano we saw one 4 month old lab mix puppy (Claus) that we really liked. He was a little younger than what we wanted and we wanted a female. We went to two more places and no one just gave us this wow factor like Claus gave us. We just fell in love with how Claus was so sweet and gentle. So we went straight back to Plano, saw him again and adopted him that day. Unfortunately he didn't get to go home with us since he wasn't fixed yet. But 3 days later we were able to take our fur baby home and have enjoyed every minute with him. He still is a puppy so patience is key with him. However we wouldn't change a thing and he was our Christmas present hence the name Claus. 

Claus the dog lounging on the couch