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May 31


Posted on May 31, 2013 at 5:16 PM by Debbie New

MayaI came to the shelter looking for a lab but came home with a pit bull. No way was I going to get a pit bull. I had heard the stories. Plus I have three old cats. But their short coat and smaller size were perfect for my condo and there weren't any labs that day, so I asked if I could meet "Vicki" (aka #304). She had been in the shelter for two months and was half price. After getting the amber eyed "you're my last chance" look, I signed the papers.

Now named Maya, she turned out to be the best $40 ever spent. If you've never experienced the loving nature of a pit bull, you're in for a real treat. These dogs love to be loved. You will not find a more adoring companion. If you love to hug your dog, this is the breed for you. Yes, they need training, but they are extremely smart and sensitive and learn very quickly. Their cleverness never disappoints. She can open doors with a single swipe of the paw and will quickly disable any appliance that sounds suspicious. She plays very well with other dogs especially if they are larger than her or super fast, and loves nothing more than a high-speed dive roll in tall grass.

For anyone considering a pit bull or pit mix, don't be daunted by internet hype. Like any dog, invest some time in a little training and get ready to be rewarded with one of the best companions you will ever know. Thanks to everyone at the shelter for giving these wonderful dogs a second chance.

Mike and Janice Mauren