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May 31

Bailey the fun loving dog

Posted on May 31, 2013 at 5:20 PM by Debbie New

BaileyDear Staff,

   We are so excited to share our Happy Endings story with you. We came into the shelter at the beginning of March with a list of 7 potential dogs to meet. I had a good feeling about one named “Princess”, a Rottweiler mix, so she was the first, and only, dog we met. Her information on-line said she was an owner release and listed as good with children. She was social and playful from the moment we met her, the kids wanted to bring her home that night, and we decided to bring her home by the end of the week.

   She has fit perfectly into our family. She runs up the stairs in the mornings, I open the door to the children’s bedrooms, and she goes in to wake them up! She loves her walks and, as the previous owner listed on the sheet, this dog LOVES the laser pointer! We’ve also discovered she loves to run around the backyard chasing bubbles and popping them with her mouth. She is exactly the fun, loving dog we’d hoped for our kids to grow up with.

   To the previous owner…thank you. We, too, have had the experience of adopting a dog and having to give them back because it wasn’t a good fit, so we know how very hard a decision that was to make. We wanted you to know that Princess, now called Bailey, is well loved and spoiled. I’ve enclosed a few pictures of our beautiful Bailey. Thank you, also, to the staff of the Plano Animal Shelter. What a well run facility…we appreciate all that you do! We love to tell everyone Bailey’s story and send more folks to the shelter to find their next dog or cat!


Katy Brandeland