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May 31

I wish dogs would live longer

Posted on May 31, 2013 at 5:29 PM by Debbie New

We adopted our German Shepherd Saleen from your shelter in 2003. We looked for months and my then son of 13 saw her on your website. We visited her and fell in love immediately.
Saleen passed away this morning.
Our girl was 13. She was the most loveable and humble dog I have ever been around. She and my son were the very best of friends. She was with him when he studied at night through junior high all the way to graduation. Seniors got to leave campus for lunch at Rockwall High and he came home every day to see her and then go back to school. When he went to college it was a reunion every time he came home. She had her own Christmas stocking just like we all did. We have so many pictures of her from the first day we met her to just the other night as my son held her on the couch. We could tell she wasn’t feeling well. We had an appointment with our Vet this morning but when we woke up she was gone.
Today has been very difficult. We took her to the Vet and said goodbye to her as a family. She looked the same…just sweet and peaceful. Her normal self. We are having her cremated and they are putting her ashes in a very nice wooden box. We’re going to surround it with pictures of her.
We’ll remember so many special moments. We watched her grow old and graying and every now and then we saw the puppy in her still. Our last snowfall we took video of her and my son who is now 24 playing in her backyard. Her hips were bad and sometimes we had to help her. Some days were better than others but she was always her same sweet self.
I wish dogs lived longer. She gave so much love and was loved so much. 10 years just isn’t enough…but it was a lot. I wish we had her when she was a pup. I don’t think she was treated very well those first couple years. And I cannot imagine why. She just wanted to be near us, in the same room, laying in her bed by the fireplace. About once every hour she would get up…bad hips still…and simply walk over and put her head in your lap. She had sweet almost sad eyes and she’d just stare at you while you petted her. Then she’d just go back to the comfy of her bed. Many times we would set in our chair watching TV. If your eyes met hers, and without a word being spoken, she would simply standup and come over putting her head in your lap. I may miss that the most I think.
Thank you for finding her for us. I know there isn’t another Saleen. But if there is another that is close…I hope they find us.
Dave Travis
Michelle Travis
Trey Travis
Dana Travis