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May 31

A Valentine puppy

Posted on May 31, 2013 at 5:42 PM by Debbie New

KnuxI would love to share our “Happy Ending” story with you.  In February of 2010, my son Drew and I were out running around on a Saturday afternoon and rolled up on the Plano Animal Shelter.  We decided to stop by and just “check out the cute dogs”.  At that time, we had 2 middle-aged pugs at home and 3 teen-aged boys, so we were perfectly content with our home life. 

Drew and I walked in just about 15 minutes before closing time.  Of course we cooed over all the sweet faces looking back at us, and just as we turned the last corner – there he was!  A three-month-old hound dog mix (we were told at the time he was part Akita – Hah!) chewing on his squeaky toy looking perfectly content in his cage.  He looked up at us with those big, bright brown eyes and we were hooked!  “We’re getting this dog, Mom” said my son.  “Oh, no – we gotta talk to dad first”, I responded.  Fat chance, I thought to myself.  “Dad” is never going to go for it.

The next morning (which happened to be Valentine’s Day) I told my husband Kyle that Drew and I had seen a beautiful little puppy at the Animal Shelter, and that is what I wanted for Valentine’s Day.   He said OK, he’d go take a look at him (what?).  Long story short – within the hour, we had him.  And what a joy he has brought to our lives.

You guys will remember him as Valentino.  We named him Knuckles.  He was surrendered by his owners on Christmas Eve, 2009 at about 6-8 weeks of age.  He had mange so bad that he had lost all of his hair.  You guys treated this beautiful creature, nursed him back to health, and brought an Angel from Heaven into our lives.  Thank you for all you do for all of these wonderful animals. 

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as we’ve enjoyed taking them.

God Bless,

The Grant Family
(Kyle, Vickie, Ryan, Benton & Drew)