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Jul 19

Artie and Lucy enjoy their new home!

Posted on July 19, 2013 at 3:24 PM by Debbie New


My husband and I adopted two cats from the Plano shelter in July of 2009.  I had visited the shelter’s website and found a picture of a black cat named “Artie.”  The description simply said, “Artie is a big black cat that doesn’t mind being held.”   Since I have always wanted a black cat, we decided to hop in the car and pay “Artie” a visit.

Artie was on the bottom row of cages, and he was the only black cat available for adoption.  We asked to see him and as soon as the volunteer handed him to me, Artie laid his fuzzy head on my shoulder.  That was it.   Artie had won us over.  But we wanted to adopt a second cat, so my husband got the volunteer’s attention.  As he stood in the doorway he noticed a small black and white cat pawing at the glass and meowing at him.  “Let’s see that one” my husband said.  This little cat was spunky and excited to get out of her cage. Her markings make it look like she was wearing a black mask over her eyes.  One of the ladies at the front desk told us the little cat had been rescued along with 20 others from a Motel 6 room where a cat hoarder had been living.   We decided this little cat deserved a much better home than a cramped Motel 6 room, and decided to adopt her as well.  As we were leaving the visiting room, one of the other volunteers said, “Oh, you’re adopting Mary!  She’s the sweetest cat!  Everyone just loves her!” 

We got home and sat with our two new cats in our family room.  We decided to change “Mary” to “Lucy” but the name “Artie” just seemed to fit so we kept it.  It was a great name – why change it?   

Today, Artie and Lucy are The Most Spoiled Cats Ever.  They enjoy late-night runs through the house, chasing each other back and forth between the bedroom and kitchen.   They both love the laser pointer, as well as hiding in boxes and laundry baskets.  Their mornings  are usually spent sitting in the window watching birds and lizards.    Lucy has lived up to her reputation – she is indeed the sweetest cat.  She’s playful and very much a lap cat who wants attention 24/7, while Artie prefers to be a little more aloof.  Contrary to what his description said, Artie doesn’t like being held very much at all!  But that’s okay, because he has a great personality, gives wonderful head-butts, and will occasionally jump on my husband’s lap for a few minutes to make biscuits.  Artie sleeps on his own personal beach towel at the foot of the bed every night, and Lucy loves to crawl under the covers and lay right next to me, her head sometimes sharing the pillow with mine.  

Thank you so much for caring for Artie and Lucy in the months prior to our coming to give them a permanent home.  They have brought so much joy into our house, and we’re so lucky to have them in our lives. 


The Davenports