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Nov 13

Senior cats are the best!

Posted on November 13, 2013 at 3:07 PM by Melissa Peachey

misskitten3.JPGI came by yesterday and we spoke about the former Miss Kitten, now Miss Kitty! :-) I cannot put into words what a joy she is! Originally I adopted her because I was so mad at someone who could owner surrender a 15 year old pet and we thought we gave her a home for however long she had which at the time, did not seem long. Well that was over a year ago and a lot of her symptoms must have been from being in a shelter for 4 months...she is alive and well! Miss Kitty is the sweetest cat I have ever owned and I have had many. I urge others to give the senior pets a chance. They still have SO much love to give and my husband and I consider it an honor to give it back!


Kristi Campbell