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Nov 28

Micah loves long walks

Posted on November 28, 2017 at 10:36 AM by Regina Ryan

It's been a year since we adopted Micah, formerly known as JO-JO. When we first got Micah he was very shy, he wouldn't let you pet him, he did not want to give you any attention, he paced the house back and forth. He wouldn't accept any toys, bones, or treats, and the saddest part of all his tail never wagged. Now, Micah is a joy to have around. He still has the sweetest personality, he gets so excited when we come home from work. He LOVES long walks and his tail goes crazy the entire time. He plays with our other dog Sadie every night, and loves to cuddle on the couch and give you a million kisses. He still likes to lounge around but now he chooses to do it next to us, or on a pile of clothes (he refuses any of the beds we have bought him:) He still doesn't' like any toys, but he does love treats and does all sorts of tricks for them. We couldn't be happier with him! He has completed our family and is one of the best dogs we have ever had! Thank you! The Welborns-