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Jul 31

Jake the Cuddle Bug

Posted on July 31, 2014 at 9:01 AM by Regina Ryan

We recently moved to the area and I thought a dog would be a great help with the kids and the transition away from their friends. I spent almost an hour walking back and forth looking at all of the dogs. On my final walk through I spotted a little guy I hadn't seen the first five trips through. Small and wriggly, aptly named puddles the tiny tan little chi-weenie stole my heart. I brought him home and the kids renamed him Jake and he has been such a wonderful little blessing. He was crate trained in two days, has only barked like three times ever, had very few accidents in the house in the beginning and is just the sweetest cuddle bug ever. The kids love walking him, playing fetch (which he will do for hours) and having him wake them up every morning for school. He jumps in their beds and nudges them with his cold , wet nose until they give in and get up. Thank you Plano Shelter, from us as well as Jake!
Amanda Alberson