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Oct 20


Posted on October 20, 2016 at 10:44 AM by Regina Ryan

Hannah was a VIP dog, rescued from another shelter to the Plano Shelter. We saw her soon after the clear the shelter weekend, and thought surely this lovely dog would be adopted by a large family. When I saw her featured in the paper still available weeks later, I tore out the ad and told my husband I want this dog and he agreed to go look at her again. She was rowdy and very excitable at the Shelter, but I felt with her hound and Lab heritage she would calm down and we would have a very happy life together, which beautifully has been each day. She had severe separation anxiety and still hasn't left my side since the first day she came home.But patience and constant assurance and training has given her the confidence she needed. We truly rescued each other, can't imagine a better companion.

Hannah Resized