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Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve

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  1. Amphitheater
  2. Hike and Bike Trail
  3. Park
  4. Pavilion
  5. Restrooms

Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve, Plano's largest park, is 800 acres and extending from Parker Road on the south to Chaparral Road on the north and from Spring Creek Parkway on the west to Los Rios Boulevard on the east. The park boasts 3.5 miles of concrete trails and 5 miles of soft surface trails located along Rowlett Creek. Nature trails are open from sunrise to sunset daily. Please watch a video of the park here.

Site Plan
Improvements to Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve began in March 2017. The improvement work includes the following items:

  • New concrete recreational trail approximately 1.3 miles in length to complete two large trail loops within the park. This will facilitate 5K races at the park without the need to use any adjacent streets in the race route.
  • New concrete recreational trail approximately 0.5 mile in length connecting from the Nature and Retreat Center to the Oak Point Amphitheater parking lot. This trail will include a prefabricated corten steel pedestrian bridge over Rowlett Creek and a scenic overlook in the wooded area on the west side of the creek. A portion of the trail will be built as an above ground boardwalk system through a sensitive environmental wetland zone.
  • New concrete recreational trail 0.3 mile connection from an existing spur trail in Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve to Oak Point Recreation Center and Collin College. This trail will use an existing underpass in box culverts under Spring Creek Parkway that was constructed when the street was built to provide for this trail connection.
  • 3,000 square foot office and storage building for outdoor recreation equipment and gathering space for recreation programs. The Go Ape Tree Top Adventure Park office and store front will also utilize the space.  
  • Grade work to facilitate future improvements of approximately 55,000 cubic yards of earthwork on the hillside across from Fire Station 11. This grade will facilitate the trail and accommodate a future phase of improvements including a pavilion, 200 space parking lot, restrooms and playground on the hillside. Grading near Jupiter Road will be implemented to enable the construction of improvements without affecting the floodplain in the park.
  • New Natural Resource equipment yard east of Los Rios Boulevard work will include site grading, 23,400 square feet of concrete paving, cedar tree planting and irrigation to screen the view from the park and Los Rios Boulevard and fencing.

For more information:
Project Site Plan


Maps, Documents and Guides

Oak Point Park Trails Map (click here)
Natural Surface Trail Names and Descriptions (click here)
Oak Point Tree Identification Guide (click
Oak Point Plant Identification Guide (click
Equestrian Area Map (trailer parking at Bob Woodruff Park) (click here)
Soft Trail Guidelines (click here)

Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve Trail Extension
The trail is a continuous connection between Allen and Plano between the US 75 service road and K AvenueTo view a map of the extension, click here.

Stewardship is everyone's responsibility - help us preserve your Preserve! 
Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve is a natural respite within our suburban city. It is a special place left largely undisturbed where visitors can have the pleasure of being surrounded by nature and experiencing animals, plants and ecoregions found in North Central Texas. Environmental stewardship means responsibly using and managing land and resources so they can be used and enjoyed now, and just as much in the future. In order for Oak Point to remain a healthy nature preserve, it is important that all users act as stewards of the park. Your proactive stewardship of this park will help especially when you
•   properly dispose of litter
•   deposit pet waste in trash cans      
•   do not disturb plants, animals or any part of the environment
•   stay on trails that are clearly designated for use  
Want to help preserve your nature preserve? YOU can make a difference. Volunteer to clean-up trash at Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve. Thanks for your help! Click here for information on how you can volunteer.

Click here to view the Wildflowers of Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve on our Facebook page.
To view a video made by the Plano Television Network outlining how the Nature Trails were made through the "Walk-It-In" program, click here.

Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve is a proud partner organization to the American Kestrel Partnership. For more information, click here.

When visiting Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve, please remember to bring sunscreen and bug spray. Chiggers are prevalent during the summer months.

This is a Nature Preserve; be watchful for wild animals, venomous snakes, insects, and poison ivy. If you experience an emergency, call 911.