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Bluebonnet Trail Greenbelt

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  1. Hike and bike trails
Bluebonnet Trail runs from Central Expressway to Midway Road, following an Oncor power line easement and along Spring Creek Parkway and Chase Oaks Boulevard. It intersects with the Chisholm Trail in the center of Plano and connects with the Preston Ridge Trail at Carpenter Park.
Bluebonnet Trail Map (PDF)

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon at Alma
Where Bluebonnet Trail crosses Alma Drive, a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon facilitates trail users crossing the street.

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons are traffic signals which help trail users cross major roads at mid-block locations. PHBs remain dark until a trail user requests to cross the street via a pedestrian pushbutton. The beacon operates as part of a coordinated signal system, so there may be a short wait until trail users are permitted to cross. After displaying brief flashing and then steady yellow light intervals, the beacon displays a steady red indication to road users and a "WALK" signal to pedestrians, allowing them to cross while road traffic is stopped. The beacon will then begin flashing red, during which road users shall stop and proceed when the crossing is clear.

Be sure you know how these Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons work.  For road users, if the light is yellow, slow down. If it’s solid red, be sure to stop. When the red lights flash, be sure to treat it like a stop sign – stop, and proceed when the crossing is clear. For trail users, the PHB operates as a regular pedestrian signal.

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 and the image below for an explanation of how the beacon works.

PHB Diagram