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Bob Woodruff Park South


Bob Woodruff Park Renovations

Bob Woodruff Park Southeast Trail Replacement Location Map

Bob Woodruff Park Southeast Trail Replacement-Concept Plan


Bob Woodruff Park South has a pavilion and restrooms and is surrounded by big trees. 

Map of Bob Woodruff Park (PDF)
Map of Bob Woodruff/OPPNP/Santa Fe Trails (PDF)

Map of Bob Woodruff Park Soft Trails (PDF)

Pavilion Reservations
The pavilion at Bob Woodruff Park South is available for reservation. Please visit our Pavilion Reservation page for more information. 

Map of Bob Woodruff Pavilions (PDF)

Bob Woodruff Southeast Trail Replacement
Located within Bob Woodruff Park, south of Park Boulevard and east of Rowlett Creek, the trail replacement project will remove, relocate, and replace an approximately one-third mile long section of trail. This section is at the end of its useful life span, is in poor condition and is threatened by adjacent erosion along Rowlett Creek. The replacement section will be routed away from the creek to safeguard it from the current erosion conditions. The project will also include drainage infrastructure along the replacement section to mitigate standing and slow-draining stormwater.

Project construction will restrict access to Bob Woodruff Park South to only the parking lot from Park Boulevard. Construction will also limit access to Bob Woodruff Park North to the parking lot from San Gabriel Drive and Bob Woodruff Trail from the Dog Park. 

Bob Woodruff Park Southeast Trail Replacement - Site Access_
Construction is expected to begin in late June 2020, with an estimated completion date set for early Fall 2020. For more information, please email our Trail System Planner, Lance Knox at lknox@plano.gov.