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Dog Park at Bob Woodruff Park


Dog Park Rules

Dog Park at Bob Woodruff QandA

Oct. 2019 - While the dog park is near completion, it needs time to establish turf before we can officially open the park. Please refrain from entering the park until it is officially open and hours are posted. Thank you.

The Dog Park at Bob Woodruff map
Plano Parks & Recreation will construct a dog park at Bob Woodruff Park (south) located at the intersection of Shiloh Road and Park Boulevard. There will be five separate gated enclosed activity areas appropriate for dogs: 
Area 1 - 2.0 acres - Large Dog Enclosure 1
Area 2 - 2.0 acres - Large Dog Enclosure 2
Area 3 - 1.0 acres - Small Dog Enclosure
Area 4 - 1.25 acres - Senior Dog Enclosure
Area 5 - 0.25 acres - Special Events Enclosure

Each enclosure will have a separate entrance and exit from the large plaza gathering area.  A shade structure will be centrally located to overlook all of the park fence enclosures. There, the dog and owner can rest, talk to other park users, watch other dogs and decide which enclosure to enter based on the dog needs and others within the enclosure.

Seventy-five parking spaces will be constructed. Low level safety lighting for the entire dog park, plaza and parking lot will allow park users and their dogs to enjoy the park in the evening and particularly in the fall and winter months during the short periods of daylight. The special events area may include visits by the Plano Animal Shelter adoption trailer, dog grooming and care demonstrations, and others as the need arises.

Renovation of the park is expected to be complete by late fall of 2019, subject to change due to weather conditions.