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Dog Park at Jack Carter Park


Dog Park Rules

Please follow animal ordinances, including leash laws and waste disposal, and practice social distancing guidelines while enjoying Plano’s dog parks.

The dog park is a double-gated, fenced, two acre area along Bluebonnet Trail, near its intersection with Chisholm Trail in central Plano. It features a separate area for large and small dogs with shade shelters, picnic tables, benches. LED lighting, water stations for humans and dogs, waste pickup/disposal stations and a dog rinse station near the parking lot. The park closes at 10:30 p.m. A warning strobe will be activated before the lights automatically turn off. Please leave adequate time to vacate the park. The dog rinse station is winterized during the winter months and remains off until spring. Please park in the parking lot provided west of the area. You can find the parking lot by traveling one half-block north on Pleasant Valley Drive from its intersection with Spring Creek Parkway, west of Custer Road. The dog park is the only off-leash area designated by the Parks and Recreation Department. When outside the dog park enclosure, all animals are required to be restrained on a maximum 6-foot leash at all times, including when arriving and departing the dog park.

Sunrise - 10:30 p.m.     Friday - Wednesday 
4 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.       Thursday

The facility may be closed during and after inclement weather to protect the turf. This may be up to a few days after the weather has passed. Conditions are assessed on a daily basis for re-opening. For updated closure information, please call 972-210-2936, option 6. (You can also download the free RainoutLine.com app on your smart phone to view current rainout status.) The dog park is closed for maintenance on Thursdays from sunrise until 4 p.m.

You enter the area through a double-gated vestibule. These vestibules are designed with two gates to provide maximum control over your dog and the other dogs as you enter/leave the enclosure. If someone is ahead of you, please wait your turn.
To Enter, before you open the outer gate, check to be sure the inner gate is closed
- Open the outer gate and enter the vestibule with your dog(s)
- Close the outer gate behind you remove your dog's leash. Having your dog on a leash when confronting an off-leash dog may cause problems - your dog can feel vulnerable and fearful, as well as the need to protect you. Restraining your dog with the leash puts him/her at a disadvantage. Restraining may put your dog in a pose that can cause the off-leash dog to feel threatened
- Before you open the inner gate, check to be sure the inner area is not congested with excited dogs waiting to pounce on the new dog or with dogs trying to get out
- Pay attention to the reception from the dogs already in the enclosure
- Open the inner gate and enter the park with your dog
- Close the inner gate behind you and move your dog away from the entrance
To exit, follow the procedure for entry in reverse order.

Animals must wear current registration and rabies vaccination tags on a collar or harness at all times. The City of Plano Animal Services Department will be monitoring the park for proper registration and vaccinations. For information on City of Plano licensing procedures and regulations, please contact the Animal Services Department or call 972-769-4360.

Doggie Do's
- DO scoop the poop - help prevent the spread of parasites and possible disease 
- DO license and vaccinate your dog(s)
- DO watch and keep an eye on your dog(s) 
- DO avoid dog fights. If a fight breaks out, pull the dogs apart from the back 
- DO honor the limit of 3 dogs per visit 
- DO remove your dog immediately at the first sign of aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs 
- DO enjoy this opportunity for your dog to romp and play off-leash in a fun, safe environment 

Doggie Don'ts

- Don't bring puppies under 4 months to the park 
- Don't let your dog dig holes in the park 
- Don't leave your dogs unattended 
- Don't bring small children - larger dogs may find them more interesting than necessary 
- Don't bring food or drink for yourself or your dog, other than water if desired