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Enfield Park

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  1. Baby swings
  2. Baseball Fields
  3. Playground
  4. Restrooms
  5. Wi-Fi
Enfield Park is an athletic field complex designated for scheduled use by local athletic organizations and the general public to conduct games and practices in a variety of sports. For information on field reservations call 972-941-5413 or email fieldreservations@plano.gov.

Map of Enfield Park (PDF)

New Athletics Maintenance Facility at Enfield Park  
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A new athletics maintenance facility will be added at Enfield Park off of Legacy Drive. Completion is estimated by October 2019. The facility will have desks, storage lockers, work tables, air compressors, ice machine, etc. Relocation of crews and equipment from Jack Carter Park’s maintenance facility is anticipated to be complete by March 2020.