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Old Shepard Place Park

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  1. Baby swings
  2. Hike and bike trails
  3. Pavilion
  4. Playground
  5. Practice Fields
  6. Restrooms
Old Shepard Place Park is a neighborhood park with a playground, restrooms and hike/bike trail. A large portion of this park has athletic fields that are available for scheduled use only. For information on field reservations call 972-941-5413 or email fieldreservations@plano.gov.

Map of Old Shepard Park

Map of Old Shepard, Steeplechase and White Rock Hike and Bike Trails

Pavilion Reservations
The pavilion at Old Shepard Place Park is available for reservation. Please visit our Pavilion Reservation page for more information. 

Map of Old Shepard Place Park Pavilion

Old Shepard Place Park Renovation
We are planning renovations to the playground, restroom, and athletic fields. Thank you for viewing our online presentation and for participating in our survey. Results will be shared in the coming months.

Old Shepard Park Renovation Presentation #1 Oct. 2020