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Prairie Meadow Park

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Park Pond Restoration Map

Prairie Meadow Trail Closure

Prairie Meadow Pond Restoration FAQ


  1. Baby swings
  2. Playground
  3. Practice Fields
Pond Restoration
The Parks & Recreation Department has hired a contractor to remove silt, mud, and debris that has accumulated in the bottom of Prairie Meadow pond.  The sediment will be removed by hydraulic excavation equipment, dewatered in a dewatering bag, loaded onto dump trucks, and transported off site.  A section of the park trail will be closed throughout the restoration.  Areas damaged by trucks and equipment will be restored.
Watch this video about the pond restoration work at the park.

Prairie Meadow is a neighborhood park with a playground, shade pavilion, picnic tables, grills (2), drinking fountain, and open sports practice fields (first come, first served).

Map of Prairie Meadow Park

Map of Prairie Meadow Park Trail (PDF)