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White Rock Trail Park

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White Rock Trail Park Construction Map

White Rock Trail Park Construction FAQs

White Rock Trail Replacement Agenda 9-24-18

Park Pond Restoration Map

White Rock Creek Trail Floodplain CLOMR Report

Floodplain CLOMR Notification Letter FAQs


  1. Grills
  2. Hike and bike trails
  3. Picnic tables
  4. Practice Fields
Trail Replacement
The Parks & Recreation Department will completely demolish and rebuild the pedestrian trails within White Rock Trail Park and extend south to make a trail connection near Plano Parkway for access to the neighborhoods. The existing trail was built when the park was established. Now that time and harsh conditions in the flood plain have taken their toll, we will rebuild the trail 12 ft. wide and to higher standards than before. Grading and sodding of affected construction activities will ensure an attractive completion to all the work. The project is expected to begin in winter 2018 through spring 2019.

Silt removal
The project will remove silt from the small pond and dispose of silt off-site. Additional on-site activities will include erosion control, site fencing, trail and roadway traffic control, trail/sidewalk/curb removal and replacement if impacted, fish and aquatic wildlife relocation, and re-sodding disturbed areas.  These two projects will be implemented by two different contractors who are coordinating their work.

White Rock Trail Park is a greenbelt park with a playground, picnic tables, grills (1), hike/bike trail, and open sports practice fields (first come, first served).

Map of Old Shepard, Steeplechase and White Rock Trails (PDF)