What are Plano's current road construction projects?

Plano's current road construction projects can be found on the Road Construction Updates page.

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1. What are Plano's current road construction projects?
2. Why does a left turn arrow come on even when there is no traffic turning left?
3. How do Single Point Urban Interchanges (SPUI) compare to traditional interchange designs?
4. How do I get a school zone installed in Plano?
5. How do I report malfunctioning signals, downed signage or faded pavement markings in Plano?
6. Who should I call to report a problem with a DART bus route, bus stop or train gate?
7. How can a resident participate in DART bus/rail service planning or make contact with DART board representatives?
8. Where can I find summary information on the ordinances governing motor vehicles and traffic in the City of Plano?