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Plano Fire-Rescue Plan Submittal Form

  1. Plano Fire-Rescue plan submittals shall be in electronic format.

    Plan Submittal shall include the following as applicable in pdf format. Do not submit them as individual pages.

  2. • One full set of blueprint / plans

  3. • One submittal/specification book

  4. • One set of hydro calculations or fire alarm voltage drop/battery calculations as needed for the proposed modification

  5. • Only a scope of work letter from the licensed sprinkler contractor is acceptable for sprinkler relocates of 20 or less sprinklers.

  6. • Only a scope of work letter from the licensed fire alarm contractor is acceptable for add or relocation of 10 or less initiation and notification devices.

  7. The contact person will be notified upon completion of plan review.

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  9. Submitting Contractor Information

  10. Select Type of Plan Review Requested

  11. Automatic Sprinklers

  12. Fire Alarm System

  13. Other

  14. Expedited Plan Review: *If any of the below fields are checked you will be charged an expedited service fee of $125 per submittal.


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