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Appointment Inquiry - The Great Update Rebate Program

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  3. Estimate Repair Costs:

    Both interior and exterior improvements qualify for program with a few exceptions. You must invest (total improvements) a minimum of 10% of the CAD appraisal market value or $20,000 whichever is less.


    Any project started before receiving your Notice to Proceed is ineligible for the rebate (this includes deposit, down payments and purchased items).

  5. DOs and DON'Ts:

    1) Don't begin any projects or make any payments on any projects prior to receiving a Notice to Proceed Letter. 2) Do gather written estimates from contractor(s) for the projects you will be updating. 3) Do provide documentation that your taxes and homeowner's insurance are both current. 4) Do download and complete the application form on your computer. The form has auto-calculate function.

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