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Special Event Permit Final Application


  1. 1. Applicant Information
  2. 2. Event Information
  3. 3. Event Information (continued)
  4. 4. Final Notices/Summary
  • Applicant Information


      Completed Application and Permit Fee are due 30 days before event date. A Late Fee will be added if Application and Permit Fee are received less than 30 days before event date. Application submittal does not guarantee permit approval.

    2. Special Event Permit Fee

      50-2500 attendees = $100
      Greater than 2500 attendees = $250

    3. Site Restoration Fee for Trail Use

      Per individual participant = $2
      Minimum per special event = $100

    4. Applicant Information

    5. If the event is to be held by or for any person/organization other than the applicant, the applicant shall attach a written statement from that other person/organization showing authority to make this application.

    6. Organization Hosting Event

    7. 501c3

    8. Event Chairperson/Contact