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Construction Survey

  1. The City of Plano recently completed a Community Investment Program in your neighborhood. The City desires to know your feelings concerning this project. We will use your feedback to make improvements in how the City plans and constructs future projects.

  2. Do you know why the City of Plano constructed the project in your neighborhood?

  3. Were you informed of the project prior to construction beginning?

  4. By the City of Plano

  5. By the contractor

  6. Did you have any dealings with a city engineer?

  7. Were these dealings satisfactory?

  8. Did you have any dealings with a city inspector?

  9. Were these dealings satisfactory?

  10. Were these dealings satisfactory?

  11. Were the following items addressed satisfactorily during the project:

  12. Traffic Control

  13. Dust

  14. Damage to Sprinkler Systems

  15. Clean up

  16. Was the amount of time to construct the project what you expected?

  17. Was the disruption from the construction what you expected?

  18. Overall satisfaction with the completed project

  19. Would you like the City to call you to discuss this project?

  20. Please provide the information below if you wish to be contacted

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