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Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

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Pavilions - Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Erosion Control FAQs


Arbor Hills Ecoregions

Arbor Hills Erosion Control Detour Map

Located on the western border of Plano, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is a 200-acre park featuring vast areas of natural beauty for walking, jogging, hiking, orienteering, and other outdoor activity. The preserve has a natural biofilter for cleaning surface run-off from the parking lot before it re-enters the groundwater tables. The observation tower gives a spectacular view of the city.

Arbor Hills Erosion Control Late Summer/Early Fall 2020
Construction for Erosion Control measures at the pedestrian bridges and parking lot will be starting after Labor Day 2020. The construction activities are expected to be completed late Winter 2021. Parking will be limited and there will be no through traffic on the pedestrian bridges during construction activities. Please view the detour map before planning your visit to Arbor Hills.

Trail Maintenance Information
During periods of wet weather natural surface trails will be closed to prevent erosion and trail damage. This may last a few days beyond the wet weather in order to allow trails time to dry appropriately.

Off-Road Bike and Natural Surface Trail Conditions
For updated Arbor Hills trail conditions, call 972-210-2936, option 9. 
(You can also download the free RainoutLine.com 2017 app on your smart phone to view current rainout status.)

Pavilion Reservations
The pavilions at Arbor Hills are available for reservation. The reservation includes Redbud, Burr Oak and Hawthorne pavilions. Please visit our Pavilion Reservation page for more information. 

Arbor Hills Trail System
- Paved recreational trail (approx. 3 miles)
- Natural unpaved trails for pedestrians only - open dawn to dusk (approx. 3 miles)
- Designated off-road cycling trail (approx. 2.8 miles)


Information about bobcats/coyotes

This is a Nature Preserve; be watchful for wild animals, venomous snakes, insects, and poison ivy. If you experience an emergency, call 911. When visiting Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, please remember to bring sunscreen and bug spray. Chiggers are prevalent during the summer months.
Skate boards, long boards and all motorized vehicles (including hover boards) are prohibited at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.

Stewardship is everyone's responsibility - help us preserve your Preserve!    
Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is a natural respite within our suburban city. It is a special place left largely undisturbed where visitors can have the pleasure of being surrounded by nature and experiencing animals, plants and ecoregions found in North Central Texas. Environmental stewardship means responsibly using and managing land and resources so they can be used and enjoyed now, and just as much in the future. In order for Arbor Hills to remain a healthy nature preserve, it is important that all users act as stewards of the park. Your proactive stewardship of this park will help especially when you p
roperly dispose of litter, deposit pet waste in trash cans, do not disturb plants, animals or any part of the environment, and stay on trails that are clearly designated for use.

Want to help preserve your Nature Preserve? Volunteer to clean-up trash at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. Thanks for your help! 
Interpretive Trail Marker System
The department has developed an interpretive trail marker system to help you identify more details about the park. Markers indicating specific points of interest are placed throughout the park. An accompanying Interpretive Trail Map is available by clicking here. We hope you will enjoy the park and it's various wildlife and plants. For more information on the park, please call the Parks and Recreation Department Administrative Office at 972-941-7250. 

Did You Know? 
Wildlife is affected up to 200 feet on either side of a trail used by humans.
Arbor Hills is a proud partner organization to the American Kestrel Partnership

Arbor Hills is a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Site in accordance with the stringent program guidelines established by Audubon International.