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1. Why is a fire engine sent when I call for an ambulance?
2. Why does Plano Fire-Rescue charge an ambulance transport fee to tax-paying citizens?
3. Why was my ambulance ride to the hospital so bumpy and uncomfortable?
4. What type of fire extinguisher is best for my home?
5. Can I get my blood pressure checked at the fire station?
6. Can I get a break on my insurance by putting a fire sprinkler system in my home?
7. Where can I get a burn permit in Plano?
8. Can I grill on my apartment's balcony or patio?
9. Can I have a chiminea or fire pit in my back yard?
10. Does Plano Fire-Rescue host a Citizens Fire Academy?
11. Does Plano Fire-Rescue host birthday parties at the Plano fire stations?
12. Does Plano Fire-Rescue install or check child car seats at the Plano fire stations?
13. How do I apply for a job with Plano Fire-Rescue?
14. Does Plano Fire-Rescue give out smoke alarms at the Plano fire stations?