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1. What allows the City of Plano to impose civil penalties on people who run red lights?
2. Why did I get a Notice of Violation after making a right turn on red?
3. How do I make payment for a Notice of Violation?
4. How do I contest a Notice of Violation issued for violating C.O. 12-260?
5. Does a violation of this ordinance go on my driving record?
6. What if I wasn’t driving the car when the violation occurred?
7. What if I did not own the vehicle when the violation occurred?
8. What if my car was stolen when this violation occurred?
9. What if I run a red light and am cited by an officer, then receive a Notice of Violation in the mail for the same offense?
10. How does the system work?
11. Who is responsible for installation and maintenance of the Red Light Camera equipment?